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Board of Directors

Each of Hoosier Energy's member systems elects a representative to the G&T's Board of Directors, who develop policies and regularly review the power production co-op's operations. Day-to-day management is carried out by the chief executive officer and his staff.
photo of Janet Anthony
Janet Anthony
Bartholomew County REMC
  photo of Stephen Stumler
Stephen Stumler, Vice Chairman
Clark County REMC
  photo of John Edwards
John Edwards
Daviess-Martin County REMC
photo of Steve Dieckmann
Steve Dieckmann
Decatur County REMC
  photo of Jerry Jackle
Jerry Jackle
Dubois REC, Inc.
  photo of Darin Duncan 
Darin Duncan
Harrison REMC
 photo of Don Sloan
Don Sloan
Henry County REMC
  photo of John Trinkle
John Trinkle

Jackson County REMC 
    photo of Herbert Haggard
Herbert Haggard, Chairman
Johnson County REMC
photo of Eugene Roberts
Eugene Roberts
Orange County REMC
  photo of Bob Stroup
Robert Stroup, Secretary
RushShelby Energy REC, Inc.
  photo of Jerry Pheifer
Jerry Pheifer
South Central Indiana REMC
 photo of David Smith
David Smith
Southeastern Indiana REMC
  photo of Gary Waninger
Gary Waninger
Southern Indiana Power
  photo of James Weimer
James Weimer,
photo of Larry Hosselton
Larry Hosselton
Counties Electric Cooperative
  photo of Jodie Creek
Jodie Creek
Whitewater Valley REMC
  photo of Dan Schuckman
Daniel Schuckman, Treasurer