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December 3, 2013
Contact: Rick Moore (812) 876-0282

Festival Guide supports Indiana tourism

Hoosier Energy and its member cooperatives continue a 40-plus-year tradition of support for Indiana tourism by sponsoring publication of the 2014 Indiana Festival Guide. More than 700 festivals, craft fairs, holiday shows, historical re-enactments and community celebrations are listed in the latest 92-page edition.

Copies of this popular and comprehensive tourism publication are available free of charge from your local electric cooperative.

It was 1972 when Hoosier Energy published the first Southern Indiana Calendar of events, which listed 41 festivals. In the decades that followed, Hoosier Energy and its member cooperatives teamed up with the Indiana Department of Tourism and in recent years the Indiana State Festival Association to sponsor the more comprehensive annual Indiana Festival Guide.

Tourism generates more than $10 billion in annual spending in Indiana as well as supporting nearly 300,000 jobs.

The Hoosier Energy Power Network is pleased to help highlight the best and most exciting events Indiana has to offer. Indiana's Touchstone Energy cooperatives are committed to the communities they serve.

More information on the Festival Guide and other Indiana travel brochures is available at the Indiana tourism website.