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December 4, 2011
Contact:  Rick Moore, Hoosier Energy (812) 876-0282

Rural Academy students learn about renewable energy

Seventh grade students at the Rural Community Academy in Graysville learned more about renewable energy during a recent session presented by Hoosier Energy's education specialist Angela Murphy.

The students in Mrs. Abby Howard's class built wind turbine blades from sticky notes, paper plates and pieces of foam. Then the students tested their designs to see how much power was generated. The class project helped students learn about renewable energy resources including what design features aid in capturing the power of the wind.

"This renewable energy program engages students through hands-on learning. It's just one of the education resources that Hoosier Energy makes available to schools," said Murphy. In addition to an education center at Turtle Creek Reservoir, Hoosier Energy has a free online lending library available to educators at www.freshwaterfred.com.

The education center includes a demonstration site for small-scale renewable energy with a wind turbine, solar panels and solar water heating. Hoosier Energy provides information on residential sized renewable energy project costs and operating performance on its website.

Turtle Creek Reservoir is the 1,550-acre cooling lake for Hoosier Energy's Merom Generating Station, a 1,070-megawatt power plant.