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Senior Staff

Day-to-day management is carried out by the chief executive officer and his staff.  Each of Hoosier Energy's member systems elects a representative to the G&T's Board of Directors, who develop policies and regularly review the power production co-op's operations.
photo of J. Steven Smith
J. Steven Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer
  photo of Mike Rampley
R.M. Mike Rampley
Senior Vice President,
Marketing and
Business Development
  photo of Rob Horton
Rob Horton
Vice President,
Power Production
photo of Robert I. Richhart
Robert I. Richhart
Vice President,
Management Services
  photo of David W. Sandefur
David W. Sandefur

Vice President,
Power Supply
  photo of Donna L. Snyder
Donna L. Snyder

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer
photo of Randy L. Haymaker
Randy L. Haymaker

Director of Public Affairs
  photo of Christopher M. Goffinet
Christopher M. Goffinet